Interior Painting

We Offer

Ceiling painting

Smooth, knockdown ceiling or any type of finish is a job that we are fully familiar with. Our skillful team is prepared to adjust to and perform these types of jobs. We fully mask painting areas and their surroundings, spray and/or back roll mostly two coats. Ceilings are usually painted with flat white paint or a custom color to meet customer expectations.

Wall Painting

Wall painting usually requires repairs. Before painting, we make sure walls are patched and sanded. Priming is a crucial part of the process to ensure quality and durability, therefore, we strongly recommend it. Fully and efficiently masking and taping is a key element to end with a successful result. We also recommend a high quality paint on matte finishes to maximize durability.


Interior trim, doors and cabinets are being enameled in most modern houses today. This type of finish provides more durability, an updated appearance and a smooth texture to your woodwork. Proper marking, priming, caulking, nail pop filling, sanding and spraying two coats are part of the procedure to obtain the best results on these projects.

Cabinet Refinishing

There are advantages of refinishing existing cabinets. It can have a huge positive impact on your home appearance. Better illumination, cleaner and modern appearance, maximize property selling price are a few examples of the benefits. Ojeda Drywall and Painting has developed a working system and identified the appropriate tools and highest quality painting products in the market to perform these types of jobs and exceed customer expectations. On our end, we do our best to adjust to customers’ financial needs and take them into consideration when writing estimates.

Wood Staining

Staining often requires more detailing in order to obtain the best results. It is extremely important to identify the kind of wood that will be stained to assign the appropriate product. The other part of staining is varnishing. Appearance and durability are the most important results to be delivered by our team.

Wallpaper Removal

Thinking about removing your wallpaper? This is another service we provide and have figured out an efficient system to perform it. This project, on occasions, is easier than what it seems in reality. Thanks to our skillful team, we have been able to make this more cost effective for our customers. We also offer to finish the project by repairing, priming and applying two coats of paint to your walls.