Drywall Services

We Offer

Residential and Commercial

Besides painting services, we offer residential and commercial drywall services. Whether its new homes, buildings, remodeling, or other projects, our 15 year experience, work system and skillful team, gives us confidence to execute these kinds of projects and exceed customer expectations.

Drywall Installation

After the framing phase, installation is the first step of the entire drywall and painting project. Although it is a very physically demanding job, it is still enjoyable for our crews. This step is very important to settle a strong foundation and achieve great overall results. Appropriate tools and their usage, along with the skill sets and experience, plays a very important role while executing this step. Our focus during this difficult process is to make sure that the installation goes smoothly and meets city codes required.

Drywall Taping

Having smooth walls is achieved by sanding, but most importantly by a great tapping job. Tapping is filling in the screw holes, filling in and taping sheetrock junctions, applying a coat of mud over taped areas for a standard finish (1 or 2 more mud coats for upgraded finishes). By doing this and allowing specific drying time between steps; a result will not be other than a fine and leveled finish.

Ceiling And Wall Texture

(Acoustic or Popcorn, Orange peel, Splatter, Knockdown) When it comes to ceiling and wall texture there are many options. We have experience in all texture types and will provide the best type of texture for your needs. 

Drywall Sanding

An important part to achieving a beautiful home is sanding. Smooth and clean walls are a must. Sanding will not only level the drywall, but our attention to detail will add to the visual appeal of the home.

Drywall Repair

Wall and ceiling damages are often easier to repair than they appear. Repairing can also be less expensive than entire area replacement. Repairs are very common and can be done at any spot of a house.

Drywall Skim Coating

A skim coat is a procedure used to upgrade walls and ceiling levels. A skim coat is nothing else other than applying one or more thin coats of mud to upgrade the finish to an expected level. Level 5 is usually the highest level of finish in drywall. Also, skim coats are performed after ceiling texture removals to prepare the surface to receive the new texture.

Water Damage Repair

Usually these types of repairs not only need our drywall skill but also special treatment.

Ceiling Removal and Resurfacing

Texture removal consists of peeling off the existing texture by scraping it. The surface regularly needs to be wetted with water before scraping. Repairing imperfections, skim coating and sanding are the steps that follow the removal. Resurfacing is performed either by hand application or spraying the desired texture.